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Match of the Week- Rey Mysterio v Jushin Thunder Liger

Top Rope Talk: Favorite Wrestlers Prior to the Attitude Era Draft

Regis & VIto go back and for drafting their Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers Prior to the Attitude Era. Some of your favorites made the list and so did a few sleepers. Also, there was a BIG named superstar not drafted. Listen to find out how it all went down.





Ric Flair

Hot Rod Piper


Randy Savage Billy Graham



Dusty Rhodes



Jerry Lawler Mr. Perfect


5 Arn Anderson Nick Bockwinkel

Nash to be enshrined into the Hall

It was officially announced on Monday that Kevin Nash would be the next inductee into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame on March 28th at 8PM on the WWE Network.

Some may remember him as Shawn Michaels body guard, Big Daddy Cool, and other might think of him as Big Sexy, a member of the NWO.

Career highlights include:

  • Person who ended Goldberg winning streak
  • WWE Champion
  • World Tag Team Champion
  • IC Champion
  • WCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • WCW Tag Team Champion

He will go in alongside Alundra Blayze, Rikishi, The Bushwackers, Tatsumi Fujinami, Arnold Schwarenegger, Larry Zbyszko, and Randy Savage.

Picture taken from Youtube.

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