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GFW/TNA, ROH, NXT, WWE SummerSlam all discussed in Episode 82 of Choked Out Radio


Jairo-Mites, I talk ROH,

GFW/TNA, NXT, Raw Recap to an extent and

preview some of SummerSlam.

Great episode.


Jairo, Choked Out Radio

Choked Out Radio LIVE with guest Kervin Delgado from YEP! I Like Wrestling Group


Please check out this Choked Out Radio LIVE special with guest Kervin Delgado from YEP! I Like Wrestling Group.

We discuss the career and impact of Roddy Piper etc.

Jairo, Choked Out Radio


Top Rope Talk- WWE Stars of Tomorrow Draft (Which promotion would you watch?)

The guys return to draft the five WWE Superstars they would start their own wrestling promotion around. This was a fantasy snake draft, so the order did change in each round.

Spoiler alerts:  An unexpected person gets drafted in the top 4 picks and Daniel Bryan drops

Listen to the guys explanations and the Raw Recap of April 13. A has been provided below.

Which promotion would you watch. Please comment below.





1. Sami Zayn 2. Vince McMahon??? 3. Rusev 4. Seth Rollins  
8. Roman Reigns 7. Dean Ambrose 6. Dolph Ziggler 5. Neville Reverse
9. Cesaro 10. “Bad News” Barrett 11. Kevin Owens 12. Charlotte  
16. Kalisto 15. Brock Lesner 14. Hideo Itami 13. Finn Baylor Reverse
17. Cody Rhodes 18. Daniel Bryan 19. Bray Wyatt 20. Paige

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