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Braves pitcher gets 80 games off

Anyone ever heard of Andrew McKirahan? I’ll wait.

I am an Atlanta Braves fan and I never heard of him. Apparently, he is a cheater. Sorry, that was unprofessional of me. According to the Associated Press, McKirahan has been suspended by MLB because he tested positive for Ipamorelin. It’s some type of human growth hormone.

I do not understand the reason as to why he would do it. The young player is currently making the league minimum. However, because of this little 80 game hiatus he’s is going on he will forfeit $221,858. This season he was scheduled to make $507,500.

So, I wonder if it was really worth it.

It was just nine days ago when I went on a rant because Jenrry Meija was suspended for a different PED.

When will players understand that they can no longer cheat the system, cheat their organization, cheat the fans, and cheat themselves?

We as fans need to do our parts as well and no longer approve the using of these drugs. We do not boycott games and or demand stiffer penalties. Isn’t it an endorsement when fans cheer a player that has previously cheated? Yankee fans, do I really need to bring up A-Rod? We’ll save that conversation for a later date.

It is time for this epidemic to cease to exist. I agree with the phrase “It ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught”. What should happen if you do get caught? When you get caught?

Photo: Nick Turchiaro- USA TODAY Sports

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Kinda over this steroid thing

Major League Baseball apparently still has not done enough to get rid of this steroid nuisance that has plagued the league for over twenty years.

The most current cheater is the New York Mets relief pitcher Jenrry Mejia. He tested positive for using Stanozolol. The drug is a synthetic steroid.

Mejia will be suspended for the next 80 games.

Mejia said,

“I know the rules are rules and I will accept my punishment, but I can honestly say I have no idea how a banned substance ended up in my system. I’m sorry to the Mets organization, my teammates and the fans, as well as my family.”

Baseball more than any other sport should spearhead drug testing and have the toughest regulations. The sport has had this black eye for far too long.

Fantasy Baseball Team (Movie Edition)

Personally, I can not watch the sport without thinking about if someone is using performance enhancers.

What ever happened to pride?

Photo: Howard Simmons/New York Daily News