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The Suze Orman Show will forever

It has been a quick and exciting thirteen years, but like other great shows this one must come to an end. The Suze Orman Show has been my favorite finance education show in that time period. The tools that she has given the world will never go in vain.

When the show first premiered in 2002, I can honestly say I vaguely knew what a 401K was and that’s only because I heard my dad mention it from time to time. However, while watching the show I learned my ABC’s and 123’s in the financial sense. 403 (b), 529, and Roth IRA all immediately come to mind when I hear her name.

Like everyone else whenever I plan to make a pricy purchase I think to myself, “Can I afford it?” I have become so good at it while looking at her show I typically get four or five calls right on every episode.

I hopefully will be able to retire when I am 67-70 and I must maintain an eight-month emergency plan. Oh, I’ve also learned that that if my employer wants to generously match my retirement input do not stop them. Regardless, at the age of 25, I can now pick out the type of term insurance I need because I am so “young”.

In high school and in college I never learned about student loans. I can’t tell you how glad I was when I realized I didn’t file for a parent plus loan. Knowing that student loans are not dischargeable from bankruptcy has plagued my mind for years, but it makes me work harder to avoid the harsh penalties.

Currently, I’m car hunting and that Suzebug that sits on my shoulder continues to remind me that if I cannot pay for the vehicle in three years, I apparently can’t afford it and my decision has been DENIED.

Credit cards will not be coming this way anytime soon as it has been well documented that those charges can go through the roof.

Suze, girlfriend, do I really have to wait to see you until next fall? Are you kidding me?? I’m sure “Suze Orman’s Money Wars” will be another hit, but there can never be another Suze Orman Show!

Until next time, there is only one line that will remain with me in life and it is, “People first, then money, then things”. Suze you stay safe and we will see you next fall!

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