Am I the only one losing patience with Tiger?

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I cannot articulate my feelings as I watched arguably the greatest golfer play the fourth worst round of his career for well over four hours. I am a Tiger Woods fan, but my patience is wearing quite thin.

The guy looked defeated at Chamber Bay. His body language communicated to the world that he was living up to his 195th official world golf ranking.

From 1996- 2014, Woods had only one 80+ round. He has had three 80+ rounds in 2015 alone.

In every tournament I notice that he is going to play in I say to myself and others, “Tiger will turn it around this week!” Apparently, I am a chronic liar. If only I were a politician I could be paid to say those inaccurate words.

To make his day even worse there was banner that said “Cheater” that flew above him while he was playing.

He was not been able to hit fairways and greens consistently like a player of his caliber should. Woods did sprinkle in a few good looking shots, but not enough to save his amateur-like round.

I believe it’s because he does not play enough. Tiger should play in more tourneys. That is the only way he can gain some type of momentum. What, if anything, do you believe is his problem?

2 thoughts on “Am I the only one losing patience with Tiger?”

  1. Tiger needs a mental guru ala Bob Rotella, not more of the swing mechanics espoused by Foley and Como. Until he starts playing golf and not golf swing, we’re in for more of the same. My 2 cents.



  2. Thanks for adding your 2 cents. A lot of people are pointing at mental problems he may have and Tiger very well have those issues, but I’ve played enough golf, less than you, to know the type of frustration that Tiger expressed on his face Thursday. It was a defeated look. It was like a what more can I possibly do look. I believe he needs he has got to humble himself and play in smaller tourneys to build some type of momentum and consistency. Time is ticking on his career and I’m sure you know that father time waits for no one.

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