Opinion on Lucha Underground

I’ve been watching Lucha Underground for the past month and I can finally give an educated opinion about the product. The show is a great hour worth of action. All of the behind the scenes action may take a total of five minutes.

What I love:

1. Everything backstage. The backstage is cinematic a suspenseful. It’s just like you get to watch a quality television show in between wrestling matches.

2. Usage of talent. Lucha Underground uses their talent the same way that Ring of Honor uses theirs. Only a couple of luchas have appeared on back-to-back episodes. They definitely do not run a risk of over exposure, however it is difficult to keep track of some storylines.

3. Lighting. The lighting makes everything seem more dramatic.

What I hate:

1. Intergender matches. In wake of the Ray Rice scandal I would think that promotions are staying away from this entirely, but Lucha Underground has had a male versus female match in two of the last four weeks. To me the best wrestling is the wrestling that is believable. There is no way a man can truly hit a woman and she bounces back up and then later pin him. I understand if there needs to be a blow off but not just because the GM does not like a character.

2. Gimmick matches. I like gimmick matches just like everyone else, but the ones that make sense. For example, as I said previously I don’t like male versus female matches. Seeing a female lucha team with a “little person” and “flamboyant” guy defeat the three tough hombres is just not believable. I have seen some tough women, homosexuals and little people, but to see them get dismantled the way that I seen the get whipped and still win is unheard of especially when the opposing team is made up of three bad asses.

3. Who am I to pull for? As a heel fan I am unsure of whom to pull for. I suppose it is because I have not watched it from the beginning, but at some point fans need to know who to root for.

I must say that I like the show and will continue to watch. It brings a different look and energy to the product. You can find Lucha Underground on the El Rey network. Check your local listings.

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