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Last week was another great week for Down the Line Sports Blog. It amazes me that how the wins can keep coming. We’ll get back to that later.

Since last week we found out that C.J. Spillman is connected to a sexual assault investigation. He remains on the Dallas roster. The Oakland Raiders became the first team to fire their head coach, Dennis Allen. The team was 0-4. Allen was fired over the phone after the team returned home after an embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins. He is rumored to become the new GM for the Oakland Athletics. The Raiders have had nine head coaches since Jon Gruden left in 2003.

She is worse than Dennis Allen!
She is worse than Dennis Allen!

I am tired of hearing about New England. The Patriots will win their division. Any questions, I didn’t think so. If Rex Ryan wants to keep his job he will make a decision at quarterback. Geno Smith sucks! Is Michael Vick better? Well he can’t be worse.

 Questions for the week?

  • Can we have a Thursday night game worth watching?
  • Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers and how could they lose to Tampa? AT HOME nonetheless?
  • Will Washington be drafting a QB in the next draft?
  • Will LeSean McCoy finally break free?
  • Are the Cowboys for real?
  • How will Alex Smith fair in his return to the bay area?
  • What is Cam Newton’s health situation?
  • Why did the Bills bench E.J Manuel? Who is Kyle Orton?

Any way to the Picks

Last Week 10-3

Overall: 41-20

Week 5 Byes: Oakland & Miami

Have you heard of Home Field Advantage?


GREEN BAY over Minnesota

DETROIT over Buffalo

TENNESSEE over Cleveland

NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay


DALLAS over Houston           How ‘bout ‘dem Cowboys??

INDIANAPOLIS over Baltimore

CAROLINA over Chicago

Pittsburgh over JACKSONVILLE      I really have no clue!

NEW YORK (N) over Atlanta

SAN FRANCISCO over Kansas City

DENVER over Arizona

SAN DIEGO over New York (A)

NEW ENGLAND over Cincinnati

Seattle over WASHINGTON

MLB Playoffs, Picks, Preview, #beatLA


The second round of the Major League Baseball playoffs begin tonight.

The post season will continue to be interesting. There are several complete teams and the ones that aren’t complete still figure out ways to win ball games. Let’s get started with LA and Cinderella, also known as KC.

Los Angeles Angels vs. Kansas City Royals

After a brilliant come back victory, the Royals will try to continue their miraculous playoff run. Kansas City battled back from a 7-3 deficit to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth inning. They then won the franchise’s first playoff game in over 28 years 9-8 in the in front of over 40,000 fans in Kauffman Stadium. This was my first time seeing KC in the post season, and I hope not the last.

Now that KC has their one win they will need three more to move on past the Angels. The Angels very well may be the favorites to win the whole thing, but they never go deep in the postseason and I don’t expect that to change this year. The team is stacked, but I don’t see them living up to expectations.

The season series was split. I believe the Royals will pull out the series in 4 games. What’s next? The Cubs win the World Series! Haha, not in my lifetime.

Detroit Tigers vs. Baltimore Orioles

Detroit has a phenomenal starting rotation with great hitting to back it up. This team can be unbeatable in the first round if Justin Verlander shows up and plays like a quality third starter. The Tigers can also hit with the best of teams.

Baltimore has had many injuries this year, thus why I can’t name one batter in their lineup. However, the team keeps on winning. Can this continue? I doubt it.

Expect the Tigers to sweep.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Every year the Cardinals are in the mix. Don’t you get tired of em’? It shows that when a baseball team has a foolproof system they will always be hard to beat. I often compare the to the San Antonio Spurs. Don’t count them out either. The big story is about Clayton Kershaw. He’s the no brainer to win the CY Young and MVP, but he can only play in a maximum of two games. The rest of the rotation will have to keep the St. Louis bats at bay. And the Dodgers can do it.

The only thing I love about writing about having my own blog: my opinion. I HATE the Dodgers! So I will be puling for the Cards in 4, but we all know that this series can go the distance.

San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals

The Giants got to this game by playing a flawless playoff game against the Pirates. One swing of the bat deafened an entire city that. The last time Pittsburgh was that quite the Tampa Bay Bucs were scoring a touchdown last Sunday to pick up their first victory. Too soon? San Francisco brings experience into this series and a lot of momentum, which in baseball is all you need. Not to mention, Tim Lincecum will be in the bullpen where he flourishes. I am an Atlanta Braves fan and I hate the Nationals.

Giants clinch in 3!

World Series: San Francisco vs Detroit                

Giants in 6!